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NIKE, Inc. Team

The Entertainment Marketing Manager will be the liaison between the Nike Brand and the Entertainment Industry in the Russian market across music, film and TV, with the purpose of delivering two main objectives:


o SEEK. Identify influencers within the Music, Film, Television and Celebrity industrys that share similar ideas and traits to the NIKE brand
o BOND. Be the face of NIKE to entertainment influencers. Manage and promote the NIKE brand directly to these influencers through relationship building, industry networking and various brand communications.
o SERVE. Build upon the relationships with these individuals/industries and serve them with what they need to support their sporting and cultural ambitions through product, services, events, sporting moments and experiences only Nike can offer


o CURATE. Strategically creating moments of high visibility for products relating to the key brand story of the season
o INTEGRATE. utilize entertainment relationships and turn them into meaningful projects that drive demand for the Nike brand
o COLLABORATE. Work together on the functional development of category marketing plans supporting the territory objectives
o AUTHENTICATE. Be the guardian of for authentically integrating entertainment influencers without jeorpodising the integrity of them or the Nike brand

  • Minimum 3 years experience working in grassroots or influencer marketing, in Moscow.
  • Have a deep understanding and knowledge of the inner workings of the Entertainment Industry (Film, Television and Talent)
  • Connected. Already has relationships and connection the entertainment industry, so youre not starting from scratch. A people person.
  • Understand the nature of the Entertainment Industry and its protocols
  • Understand Brand Marketing and Product Placement within the Entertainment Industry.
  • Understand the competitive market, the influencer and its impact.
  • Strong presentation skills and ability to drive plans from inception through to completion
  • Digital native – fluent and strong on full breadth of social platforms.
  • Passion & love for the Nike brand. You are the face of Nike in their neighbourhood and must embody the Nike spirit and love for the brand.
  • Grounded in sport. Have an authentic connection to sport, potentially having a lead sport, but with a knowledge and passion for all sports.
  • Care & love for your community. Embody a passion to improve and nurture sport, athletes* and sporting communities in your local area.
  • Entrepreneurial spirit. A complete self-starter who will seek out opportunities independently, with a drive to affect positive change. Someone who doesnt wait to be told what to do.


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