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We are looking for a Booking Home Partner Manager. Help BV to accelerate with its growth within the homes and apartments business. You will be responsible of the account management and overall satisfaction of Booking Home Partners (“BH Partners”) in your Market. You will manage directly the relationship with MPP (Multi-Property Partners), furthermore you will be involved in facilitating the communication towards BH Partners of BV, through Events and Scaled Outreach Channels.


As a Booking Home Partner Manager your main task will be to assist BH Partners by explaining on how to use BV’s extranet and systems, by improving the BH partners’ availability and supply in order to support BV. You’ll frame the unique benefits of working with BV to these partners and reinforce the value proposition for them. You will also provide support to BV by contacting, informing and advising BH Partners about how to meet the demands of the visitors on the website.

This full-time position will be based in our Moscow office.


  • Advise BH Partners regarding their webpages on the website and how they can amend their own data with respect to supply, availability, specials, promotions;
  • Visit and contact the important MPPs in the region;
  • Support BV’s-strategy for BH Partners availability and supply within the region;
  • Promote the BV brand name and its online reservation services to BH Partners within the Russia;
  • Support BV with facilitating New Partnership of BH Partners;
  • Providing BH Partners with information and advice by different channels, including follow-ups;
  • Participate, Organize and coordinate Tourist Trade Fair visits related to BH Marketspace;
  • Organizing events and webinars for BH Partners to educate them and increase their engagement;
  • Be always updated on marketplace changes and trends;
  • Check statistics on Performance of the Partner and follow up;
  • Be able to translate local partners challenges into opportunities for change;
  • You will also need to be versatile and adapt quickly to the latest guidelines from BV;


  • Pro-active, entrepreneurial, sense of responsibility and can work independently;
  • Quick and resourceful, flexible, accurate, strong analytical skills and an eye for detail;
  • Great face-to-face and telephone communication skills;
  • Native Russian speaker with excellent knowledge of English;
  • Public speaking skills;
  • Team player, motivated and enjoys to work in e-travel and hospitality;
  • Business focused;
  • Positive attitude;
  • Caring attitude;
  • Great priority settings skills;
  • Helicopter view;
  • Able to keep connections outside of the office with other Booking Home Partner Manager in a fruitful and efficient way;
  • Hotel School or University background preferred.
  • Knowledge of Vacation Rental market;
  • Driver's license;
  • You are currently authorized to work in the Russia

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