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Yandex.Taxi, a leading on-demand taxi service provider operating in more than 600 cities across Armenia, Belarus, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Lithuania, Moldova, Serbia, Estonia, Uzbekistan, Latvia, Russia and other countries and quickly expanding to other markets worldwide, is looking for an exceptional candidate to take on full responsibilities of the company’s Project Manager.

Started in 2011 by one of Europe’s largest internet technology companies, Yandex, as a way to solve the problem of a chaotic and extremely user-unfriendly taxi market, Yandex.Taxi now lives up to the pledge of providing safe, stress-free, customer-oriented service to clients within as few as five minutes after the order has been placed through the website or via the iOS or Android app.

We are now looking for a great candidate with flexible, entrepreneurial mindset possessing strong negotiation skills to take responsibility in launching Yandex.Taxi in new markets (countries).


  • Higher education.
  • Fluent English (French will be an advantage).
  • Proven successful experience in Sales and/or Partners Management.
  • Relationships establishment and management skills.
  • Solid planning & priority setting.
  • Stress-resistant, multitasking.
  • Able to make decisions in uncertain situations with lack of information and bear responsibility over decisions.
  • Ready for extensive business trips (over 70% of time) and unregulated working hours.
  • Startup or business launch experience (will be a strong advantage).


  • Conduct thorough research of potential for Yandex.Taxi business launch in specifics countries & regions.
  • Search, negotiate and establish business relationships with local taxi companies and other businesses to support Yandex.Taxi launches.
  • Create & optimize processes to ensure effective operations between central operations team, local representatives and partners.
  • Lead daily problem solving: remove obstacles and barriers as soon as they happen.
  • Actively contribute to and occasionally lead local events to support Yandex.Taxi launches in new countries.
  • Execute other ad-hoc tasks related to Yandex.Taxi launches which require local actions.


  • Great career opportunities and challenging tasks.
  • Strong team of professionals and dynamic environment.

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Вам поможет наш карьерный консультант:




1500 р./час

  • Отрасли: FMCG, Ритейл, HR, Маркетинг и реклама, Перевозки,транспорт, логистика
  • Уровень позиции: Junior, Middle
  • Локация: Россия

За 15 лет в HR эксперт в  торговле (B2B, B2C, FMCG, опт, розница), логистике, бухгалтерии, HR, маркетинге, рекламе (в тч smm). В карьерном консультировании 4 года. Кроме офисных переходов есть успешные кейсы профориентации подростков, мам после декрета со сменой профессии, переходов во фриланс, релокации из регионов, увеличения уровня дохода. Помогаю найти работу по душе и  составить резюме. Авторская методика подготовки к собеседованию... узнать больше

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