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As a Content Executive you will contribute to the company’s mission to empower people to experience the world by ensuring accuracy and relevancy of content for all products, mainly accommodation partners, attractions and other services through content maintenance.

You will be responsible for providing content maintenance of partner information on the website, obtain and validate essential product information. It is crucial that you are able to communicate with stakeholders, partners and colleagues in the local language and edit written material in English. You will also be responsible for maintenance of high volume written content for other products or services as needed – updating text based on feedback and client requests.

We are looking for enthusiastic candidates with a good understanding of the travel industry, ability to write in English to a native level and a business mindset. We expect you to be flexible and able to quickly adapt to the dynamic environment of an e-commerce company.

This full-time position will be based in our Moscow office.


  • Maintain, review and improve content that accurately reflects the accommodations, attractions and other products on the website.
  • Communication with partners, colleagues and stakeholders.
  • Ensure inbound partner requests are handled within agreed-upon service levels, in time and to a high quality standard.
  • Maintain written and visual content for partners, attractions and other products or services as needed.


  • Fluent in English and Russian, both written and spoken, with an ability to produce and edit content quickly;
  • Experience in a Content department, e-commerce, hospitality or travel industry, or Education in a related field;
  • Proficiency with Google Drive applications, MS Office, being quick and resourceful at finding and consolidating information;
  • Flexibility, eye for detail, analytical skills and ability to prioritise workflow independently;
  • Pro-active, approachable and with a can-do attitude;
  • Good communication skills in a business environment;
  • Business and performance focused, with the ability to understand business priorities and achieve individual and team targets;
  • Team player and self-motivated.

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1700 р./час

Работает с английскими резюме

  • Отрасли: Банки, страхование, Horeca, Культура, Event, HR, Маркетинг и реклама, Перевозки,транспорт, логистика, Продажи
  • Уровень позиции: Junior, Middle
  • Локация: Молдова

Опыт работы в области HR более 7 лет в крупнейших компаниях Молдовы (Коммерческий банк Moldinconbank, Страховая компания Grawe Carat, Авиакомпания FlyOne), включая: подбор персонала, внутреннее карьерное консультирование.На данный момент консультирую собственников предприятий малого и среднего бизнеса в разных отраслях в области оптимизации бизнес-процессов. Разрабатываю системы оплат труда, профили должностей любого уровня,... узнать больше

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